Universal Chemical Additives (UCA) Ltd

About Us:

Universal Chemical Additives (UCA) Ltd established in 2014 by highly experienced industry leaders who recognized the need for a better customer experience.

UCA is a chemical stockiest and distributors across the key strategic market:

  • Care detergent.
  • Beauty and Personal Care.
  • Household care.
  • Surfactants.
  • Livestock care.
  • Food and Feed additives.
  • Health, Pharmaceutical and Nutrition.
  • Paint and coat care.
  • Metal surface care.

UCA is a leading and rapidly developing  and agent for chemical row materials.
We built a reputable position in the competitive  of Jordan in a short period of time.

Our Vision

To offer one stop shop of raw materials, our passion is to supply customers with complete solution.

We provide latest market trends, technical support, formulations know-how and novel insights that gives you the winning edge.

Our Team

UCA employs highly qualified members in its team in different sectors.

We Have the following departments:

  • Administration and Accounting Department
  • Sales Department
  • Warehouses and Logistics Department
  • Procurement Department

We consider the latest technologies of management to assure linking all team members together and getting the highest performance of each.

What we do

We have our position in Jordan as an agent and distributor of chemical materials.

Our range of service includes:

  • House care detergent
  • Beauty and Personal Care
  • Household care
  • Surfactants
  • Livestock care
  • Food and Feed additives
  • Health, Pharmaceutical and Nutrition
  • Paint and coat care
  • Metal surface care


UCA's Success Partners

Our Sources & Suppliers

In UCA, we believe that quality is the factor of success. We always consider the highest quality partners to share our success.

Future Outlook In UCA, we have years of experience in Jordan and the middle east markets.

We trust that business opportunities in industry in general are increasing and the demand on row materials will increase accordingly.

Chemistry is a part of everything!! Hence, chemical materials market will always be one of the leading markets and involved in every single business.

We believe strongly that future of our business will keep growing and we will always do our best to keep our success partners satisfied.

Our Future expansion plans include:

  • Extending our market to Syria, Iraq and Palestine (with representation offices)
  • Food Additives Plant (Under Construction)
  • Detergents Factory (Under Study)

Our Sources & Suppliers:

In UCA, we believe that quality is the factor of success.

We always consider the highest quality partners to share our success.